Go for the Au!

July 26-29

With the 2012 Summer Olympics taking place this July, Imagination Station is hosting Go for the Au! The Science of the Olympics July 26-29 (weather permitting). (By the way, Au=Gold). Put on your running shoes and be ready to compete. We’ll feature the 30-meter dash, long jump, vertical jump, throwing accuracy test and timed fast pitch! Complete your passport and you’ll receive an Imagination Station Olympic medal.

Gizmo has been training!



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History of the Summer Games

The Summer Olympic Games is a multi-sport event held every four years.The games feature a variety of sports including gymnastics, cycling, track and field, fencing, shooting, tennis, weightlifting, diving, swimming, and water polo.

The Summer Olympics come from ancient Greece, where the games were used as a way to create peace among the people in times of war. The athletes competed in games such as running, jumping, shot put, horse and chariot races, and pankration, a combination of wrestling and boxing. In 1896, the idea of the games was revisited in Athens, relabeled as the Olympiad and only containing nine games to be competed. By 1996, the Olympics had gained momentum and grew to become the most popular international sports competition in history. Today, there are over 26 sports contended and thousands of competitors. The Olympics are held in a different host country every four years, allowing each country to show support for their competitors. The five Olympic rings are used to represent the five major regions of the world- Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceana and every national flag includes one of the colors of the rings which include blue, yellow, black, green, and red.

At the Imagination Summer Olympics, visitors will be able to test your abilities through a series of physical endurance tests. While you participate in a number of different sports, an IS team member will record your individual results. Come find out the science behind the Olympians success!

Go for the Au! will feature a selection of Imagination Station “Olympic Sports”. (Click on the topics below to find out interesting facts and an activity to do.)

30 Meter Dash

Long Jump

Vertical Jump

Throwing Accuracy Test

Time Fast Pitch