September 29, 2012 – January 27, 2013


Grab the kids and run, jump and play your way through this interactive exhibition all about the human body. Have fun learning about everything from fingers and toes to your ishy squishy insides.

Sesame Street Presents: The Body features three different education zones related to the human body.

Your Outsides 
Children learn to identify different body parts, learn what they do, and explore the many ways they can put them to use. Exhibits include “Your Wonderful Hands,” featuring puzzles, sign language games, shadow puppets, and more; “Your Legs and Feet,” an interactive exhibit that shows what happens when you put your legs in motion; and “Your Amazing Body,” an interactive video game where children choose the correct body part based on clues from Ernie and Bert.

Oscar's Sneeze Machine

Your Insides 
This is an exploration of what goes on inside the body. Activities include “Count’s Organ Organ,” which musically teaches children about their internal organs’ locations and functions; “Digestion with Oscar,” a display that shows kids what happens to food when they eat it; and ”Oscar’s Sneeze Machine,” where children pull a lever to irritate a big nose that actually sneezes on them!

Staying Healthy
Whether you are exercising, playing, dancing or even sleeping, your body is always hard at work. Learn how staying clean, eating healthy foods, and getting plenty of physical activity as well as sleep can help the body stay healthy. Ernie and Rubber Ducky get kids started in “Rub-A- Dub Tub,” a silly game that shows them just how much fun staying clean can be. Then it’s on to “Mr. Hooper’s Store,” where children scan groceries and learn specific messages about how different healthy meals are good for their bodies and “Baby Bear’s Mini Mart,” a toddler-sized activity area where children can stock up on a variety of colorful, healthy foods. And kids can put their bodies to the test in “Rosita’s Locomotion,” where they learn how the heart and different muscles work while pumping, rowing or running.

Check out the details about all of the individual exhibits inside Sesame Street Presents: The Body

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