Green Science

April 13 – 21Green Science, Imagination Station, Toledo, Science Center, Earth Day

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle… the Imagination Station way! Find new uses for old items and earn your ‘green’ thumb digging in our unconventional garden.

Activities include:

Soil Scientists
Sift through different types of soils and view them under a magnifying glass. This activity helps us understand why soil surveys help farmers, ranchers, highway engineers, homebuyers and many others to use the land wisely.

Pop Cap Art
Don’t throw it away – make art out of it! Reusing or repurposing old material can be beautiful. This activity will have you making artwork out of plastic water bottles, bottle caps, straws, string, paper and glue.

Eggshell Planters
Eggshells have long been handy in gardens. The calcium they provide adds nutrients to the soil and crushed eggshells deter snails and slugs from devouring tender young sprouts. So why not continue with the useful eggshell and utilize its perfect nurturing shape by making a small planter to take home. Learn how you can do this activity at home here.

Sort It Out
Test your sorting savvy by separating paper, glass & plastic in recycling races.