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How much do you know about the gross things your body does? Sometimes it’s stinky. Sometimes it’s crusty. Sometimes it’s slimy. Explore why your body produces mushy, oozy, crusty, scaly and stinky gunk at Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body during its appearance at Imagination Station.

Based on the best-selling book, Grossology, this exhibition uses sophisticated animatronics and imaginative exhibits to tell you the good, the bad and the downright icky about runny noses, body odor and much more.


Visiting Grossology while on a field trip?

Check out the Exhibit Learning Guides for Grossology and for Imagination Station as a whole.  They have been developed to help structure a field trip that aligns directly to the concepts you are teaching in the classroom. These guides include student data recording pages, chaperon tips & instructions and a post-visit activity to complete back in the classroom. Parents, you might find these helpful for your trip as well!

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Nigel Nose-It-All

Activate Nigel by pressing one of five buttons to learn about how your nose functions including allergies, sinuses, snot trivia, runny noses and more. In addition, check out the microscopes  that feature slides of things that cause runny noses.




Imagination Station



Tour du Nose

Enter a giant nose and explore 10 realistic nasal features: nose hair, conchae: the opening to the front of the sinuses,  the spectrum, the eustachian tubes, mucus production, a view down the throat, tear ducts, the olfactory epithelium and blood vessels. As you enter and walk to the back of the nose, the nose awakens and lets out a loud “sneeeeze”!






Imagination Station


Human Skin Climbing Wall

Do you dare to climb the human skin wall? Use pimples, warts, wounds, hair, moles and other skin blemishes as your foot holes and hand grips!





Imagination Station




Burp Man

Help Burp Man drink from a three-foot pop can, and  see the stomach pressure increase until he releases a giant burp!







Imagination Station Toledo, Grossology, Toledo


Gas Attack!

Learn which foods create more gas in your body by playing Gas Attack pinball. The more gas a food gives you, the more points you get! How many points can you get?





Imagination Station


GI Slide

Slide and crawl through this 30 foot long giant digestive system from mouth to large intestine. Learn about your digestive system by traveling through one!





Imagination Station Toledo, Grossology, Toledo



Patients Please!

Learn about your body parts in this “operation” style game. Attempt to remove body parts from the game table without touching the sides of the holes. Lots of fun!.




Imagination Station Toledo, Grossology, Toledo



Up Your Nose

Learn how boogers form in your nose by launching pollen balls at a giant nose. See how many grains of pollen you need to shoot into the nose before they are sneezed back at you!




Other exhibits include listening to various body sounds (heart, stomach gurgles, breathing and swallowing), learning how food is digested as it passes through the gastronomical system, exploring the many causes of vomiting, matching the body odors with the area of the body they come from, how the kidneys remove waste from the blood and using rubber tubing and air to learn about the physics of tooting.

To book your field trip to see Grossology call 419.244.2674 ext. 250 or make your reservation online.


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Toledo Lucas County Public Library Reading List

Haven’t been grossed out enough? Get your fill by checking out the Grossology inspired reading list at your Toledo Lucas County Public Library.

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