Imagination Station, Toledo's Science Center

Homeschool Workshops

October 2016 – June 2017

First Wednesday of the month
10:30am – Noon

Imagination Station is your science resource. This monthly program, for students 7–12 years old, covers a variety of topics from motion to matter and all the fun, messy science in-between. Come ready to explore hands-on science and learn with other families.

This series of nine workshops, broken out into three topics, run the first Wednesday of the month from 10:30am – noon.
Sign up for the entire series at a reduced rate, or choose from our individual workshops.

Space is limited to 30 children per session, and reservations are required.

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Topic 1: Motion

Marble Machines
October 5

Innovate and explore the creative, fun side of motion. Turn funnels, tubes, clothespins and dowel rods into a creative marble run as students change the motion of an marble through zig zags, twists, turns and loops.

Scream Machine
November 2

Reinforce Newton’s three laws of motion. Students will discover both the science and scientist behind the roller coaster. They can put their knowledge of velocity, momentum, acceleration and centripetal force to the test by building their very own coasters.

Tricky Trajectory
December 7

Discover the forces of flight: lift, drag, thrust and weight. Students will design flying machines and investigate magnitude and different types of potential energy.


Topic 2: Sound & Light

Sounds of Science
January 4, 2017

Experiment and investigate with vibrations and sound. Students will see and feel sound vibrations, hear loud versus soft volumes and pitch changes by creating some unconventional noisemakers.

Alarming Circuits
February 1, 2017

Explore conductors and insulators by testing common materials and discover which materials allow electricity to flow easily. Students will learn electrical energy can be transformed to sound energy by creating an alarming trip line.

March 1, 2017

Explore the flow of current by testing simple, parallel and series circuits. With a few simple parts, students will make their own electronic greeting cards that light up.


Topic 3: Matter

Making Matter
April 5, 2017

Students will discover and explore solids and liquids first hand by melting ice, freezing water and observing phase changes in front of their eyes. They will even end the workshop with a sweet treat using liquid nitrogen!

Matter of Fact
May 3, 2017

Students learn about the different states of matter while they watch experiments with liquid nitrogen. This workshop creates a lasting memory as students compete to melt ice and then burst to an unforgettable conclusion.

Material Matter
June 7, 2017

Investigate the properties of matter. During this workshop, students will experiment with mass and volume through substances like gold, wood, air and polystyrene.


To reserve your space, please call 419·244·2674 ext. 250.

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