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Field Trips are the best way to fully explore all that Imagination Station has to offer.  All of our educational programming is aligned with state standards in both Ohio and Michigan, making us a valuable asset to educators for meeting their necessary benchmarks.  Schools don’t often have the flexibility of time, equipment and/or consumables to facilitate hands-on experiments in the classroom, however valuable the experience. That’s why many turn to Imagination Station as a partner in their students’ education.  Our merging of educational styles, formal and informal, helps to drive home the concepts that teachers are teaching inside the classroom.  The best part is that students love to visit, so we are a welcome escape from the classroom for both students and teachers.  Shhh…don’t tell your students, but by the time they leave Imagination Station, they’ll have learned something and had fun in the process!

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Students dig into science at Science Studio

With the assistance of our Teacher Advisory Group, made up of educators from around the area, we’ve designed Exhibit Guides to assist teachers and their chaperones in identifying and facilitating activities throughout their visit. We made sure that those activities align with what they are teaching in the classroom and to state standards.

Curriculum Guides are available to download from our website prior to your visit (or can be mailed upon reservation).  Each Guide includes Tips for Teachers and Chaperones, Activity Sheets and Data Recording Pages, as well as a Post-Activity to take back to your classroom.

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Field Trips Advice

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