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Imagination Station is proud to be a partner of 101.5 The River’s Teacher of the Month.

Nominate someone who you think should be Teacher of the Month by visiting 101.5 The River and tell them why your son or daughter’s teacher should win!

Include the teachers name, school they work for, and why you think this teacher deserves the award. The teacher selected wins a membership from Imagination Station and a prize pack for the class along with a variety of other prizes from 101.5.

Congratulations to the following winners who were provided a toolbox of classroom activities from Imagination Station!

April 2014

Teacher: Jean Kitchen
School: Raymer Elementary School

Mrs. Kitchen has a heart of gold and so much patience with these first graders. The school has had a couple of “gun” threats and she was able to keep the children calm and get them where they had to be.  She reads with them daily and has a great personality. I think Mrs. Kitchen has good teaching skills and has a way with her students, they just love her!! Please give an East side teacher a chance, they put up with so much being located where they are to begin with. Thank You!!

March 2014

Teacher: Debbie Welch
School: Glendale Feilbach


My name is Danielle Koperski and my son has Mrs. Debra Welch for his first grade teacher at Glendale-Feilbach. My son, Joey, has not had an easy path in school. He is on the autism spectrum and is very weary of people. Our story starts last year when Joey was having a difficult time in his special education class. Mrs. Welch, regular ed 1st, saw something in my son and requested that he be integrated with the reading curriculum in her class. Slowly she pulled Joey more and more to her classroom and we saw such a huge change in him.  My quiet, reserved boy slowly began to come out of his shell and enjoy school. He started interacting more and more with those around him. We discovered he had a very high reading level and was overlooked due to his lack of participation. For a teacher to see something that other did not, especially amongst a classroom of greater than 20 is nothing short of miraculous.
Mrs. Welch’s dedication to her career goes beyond any standard ever set. She treats all her children with such care and love that they thrive under her direction. My family and I were so amazed at the response that Joey had that we made the difficult decision to hold him back with the caveat that Mrs. Welch would be his teacher again. The steps our child has made in the last year are incredible. How do you thank someone for reaching into your child\’s world and gently guiding him to ours?  Her creativity is endless and tireless. She puts ons Thanksgiving feast, holiday plays and festivities that make Joey want to go to school every day.
She is nothing short of an angel in our book and hope you will consider her for teacher of the month. For my family there are no words to express the gratitude we feel and again are thankful each and every day for Mrs. Welch.
Thank you for your consideration
Danielle Koperski


February 2014

Teacher: Jennifer Bicanovsky
School: Hiawatha Elementary School

I would like to nominate Jennifer Bicanovsky as Teacher of the Month.  Jennifer’s commitment to her students is unparalleled and she puts her dedication to her pupils and the practice of teaching above her personal critical medical issues.  Jennifer was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in May, 2013 but that did not stop her and her love of her students. Jennifer held off on necessary surgery and treatment until after June when school was out so her students did not finish their first year of school with a substitute teacher. Jennifer believes that it is hard for any student when they have a sub, but feels it is particularly hard on kindergarten students. Jennifer has dealt with some struggles during the treatment of her disease. She had to spend seven days in ICU on what was supposed to be an overnight procedure. She also had to go through a very difficult radioactive treatment that put her in isolation for five days. She insisted with her physicians that this treatment was scheduled before her return to school in August. Jennifer always schedules her medical appointments after school hours so she doesn’t miss any of her classes and was absolutely devastated when she had a slight relapse in August that made her miss the first few days of school. You know how dedicated and loved she is by her students from the outpouring of support from her Hiawatha and the entire Washington Local Schools family. During parent-teacher conferences, parents and students from former years always come to see her. She was even given a birthday gift for her dog from one of her former students!
I truly believe that Jennifer’s dedication to her students and the practice of teaching deserves to be recognized which is why I am nominating her as Teacher of the Month.
Patricia Baldwin


January 2014

Teacher: Mrs. Alison Swartzmiller
School: Fairfield Elementary School

Mrs. Swartzmiller was born to teach. God gave her the calming voice & the ability to relate to the children in such a way that she makes everyday fun to come to school & want to learn. She never raises her voice, & yet controls the classroom of 24 with LOVE. She makes each and every one of the students feel as if they are special to her. Mrs. Swartmiller always has a smile on her face. In the morning when the students come into her classroom, she makes them know that she has noticed them & that they are important. I hope & pray that she gets noticed herself for all the positiveness that she gives out to others. Thank you for your time & for having this contest for those that put their heart & soul into teaching our future generations.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox – Debbie Gehr


December 2013

Teacher: Ms. Sarah Carstensen
School: Imagine Hill Avenue Elementary School

Sarah goes above and beyond for her students. Having grown up in a home with a Mother who was also a teacher, she knows the importance of a childs education. Although a physical education teacher, Sarah goes above and beyond getting the children involved not only physically in class but teaches the importance about giving back to the community. This holiday season she got the kids involved with writing letters to men and women in the assisted living homes and a coat drive for less fortunate children to stay warm during the cold winter months. These are just two examples of the many ways she gets her students involved. In addition,  Sarah gives explanation to her young students as to why they are getting involved on helping others in need, something some parents neglect doing. Above all, she gets the children involved! Sarah Carstensen or Miss C as her kids refer to her, is always there for her students. Whether its packing up the leftovers from breakfast and lunch to give to the students who are in need or just being an advocate for local causes, Sarah deserves to have the title as Teacher of the Month. – Ashley Stansfield 


November 2013

Teacher: Mrs. Katie Skowronek
School: Woodland Elementary School

My son has Asperger’s Syndrome and a Sensory Processing Disorder. His preschool teacher never listened to our needs for our son and always was frustrated with him. He never talked about what he did at school and did not like his teacher. When he started kindergarten this fall I could see positive changes in his behavior and it was due to his wonderful teacher Mrs. Skowronek! She asked me to give her any information regarding my son’s needs and his likes and dislikes. She is so patient and kind and treats my son with respect. I can tell my son really likes her and he talks about what he did at school. He enjoys doing homework! He is more focused in class, volunteers and behaves well. I finally do not feel stressed when I pick him up from school. Mrs. Skowronek has 25 students in her class and she seems very confident about herself and the kids all seem to respect her. I am so grateful for a teacher like her. Sometimes people do not know or understand how to treat special needs students and the students get pushed aside. It is so important to have teachers like Mrs. Skowronek because they encourage all students to do their best and be proud of their work. My son is actually thinking of going to college and what type of job he wants to do as an adult. I never would have imagined hearing this out of him. I am hoping you will consider Mrs. Skowronek for teacher of the month, she has changed my son’s life and our lives as well.

Thank you!
Stephanie Lenz


October 2013

Teacher: Mrs. Muck
School: Eagle Point Elementary School

Mrs. Muck is an excellent teacher and person in general. She takes time and really works with the kids. Last year my 4th grade daughter was accepted in the GEARS program (Gifted Education Advancing Rossford Students), very few students get accepted and she went one time and decided she didn’t want to do it. When she got to Mrs. Muck’s class, she took personal time to talk to me about getting her back in it, that she knows Mia is smart and it would benefit her. She also took time to talk to my daughter personally in class and Mia decided to go and now loves it. For her to take her personal time to see the potential in my daughter and to push her to better herself to me is absolutely wonderful. There’s not many teachers these days that care enough about their students to push them to be the best they can. To let them know that they are better and smarter then they think they are. And how special each one is. I know multiple people who have had children in Mrs. Muck’s class over the years and every one of them has absolutely loved her. She hasn’t changed one bit in the many years she has been with our school. I very much think from the short month that I have known her, she is definitely one of the best. I know my daughter as well as the children that have had her absolutely love her. She deserves this and hope you can understand how wonderful this woman is by this short letter.

Thank you – Lisa Croad


September 2013

Teacher: Mr. Spalino
School: Clay High School
Class: Machine Trades

Mr. Spalino should win this award because he is one of the greatest teachers of all. My little brother is 17 and is in Mr. Spalinos machine trades class at Clay. My brother has never been one to love school or keep up good grades. He is dyslexic and has always struggled with school. He has never really enjoyed it until this year in Mr. Spalino’s class. My brother came home after the first week of school and told me all about Mr. Spalino and how awesome he is. He told me about how he moved here from Italy when he was 5 and learned to speak English. He told me how Mr. Spalino will help place him and the other students in jobs when they graduate high school. I have never seen my brother so interested in school. Now, my brother is getting good grades (A\’s and B\’s), and is studying hard for tests and quizzes. I am so happy and proud of my brother, and Mr. Spalino is the person we have to thank for that! My parents are so happy that he finally has a teacher who genuinely cares about the students and will do whatever is necessary to help them succeed. A teacher that can make him feel so comfortable going to school every day(even with a reading disability). My brother now looks forward to his future and having an awesome career! That is why Mr. Spalino should indeed be awarded Teacher of the Month.



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