At Imagination Station we have hundred’s of hands-on exhibits that help to deliver the science message through fun experiences. Imagination Station is made up of six Learning Worlds that are each made up of dozens of individual exhibits.  Scattered about the museum are our major attractions like the High Wire Cycle and the BOYO, as well as stand alone exhibits like those listed below.

Eat It Up!

Get your heart pumping as you take on the Wheel of Fire and the Heart Rate Rally, Smash Your Food to smithereens, and literally Get in the Action. Eat It Up!, a highly interactive exhibition focused on nutrition and exercise that tells the story of how the choices you make today affect your body. Eat Smart. Play Hard. Have Fun. The choice is yours! To learn more about Eat It Up! click here.

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Grow U

Grow U is an interactive exhibition that celebrates the world of agriculture and farming!  Take your farm knowhow to a whole new level and be the next contestant on the game show FARM 101: Know It to Grow It!  Grow U also includes a group of interactive exhibits that offer an insightful look into the world of agriculture with both a local and global perspective through the Honey Bee Hive, Spin Browser, What’s It Made Of?, Soil Drainage, Soil Monoliths and Interactive Videos. To learn more about Grow U click here.

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LIVE Report!

Have you ever wanted to be on TV? Wanted to be the commentator for your local favorite sports team?  Now you can!  Imagination Station and Buckeye CableSystem have blended science and technology to bring a unique opportunity to the people of our community. We’ve created an experience that gives everyone the chance to be a Sports Broadcaster.

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The Giant Lever

Located behind Visitor Service, is one of our new stand alone exhibits.  It pits 1 vs. 3 in a game of tug-of-war.  As one of 6 simple machines, the lever, it uses mechanical advantage to give the individual player a fighting chance. Even the littlest of visitors will walk away a champion.


The Laser Harp

Located on the Lower Atrium inside Mind Zone – uses laser technology to play one of music’s most beautiful and intricate instruments.  Pluck the laser strings or strum along and sound like a world-class musician.  You’ll impress yourself and your friends!


The Ball Launcher

Located on the Lower Atrium in front of Science Studio – With the pull of a rope, and a little science of pressure, you can drop a bowling ball through a tube forcing a tennis ball to launch all the way up to the skylights.


The Giant Piano

Tiny feet make great music on our Giant Piano.

Tiny feet make great music on our Giant Piano.

One of the classic exhibits at the science center is our Giant Piano located on the Lower Atrium.  Like the scene from the movie “Big”, kids (and adults) can jump aboard our giant piano and dance out Chopsticks like they did in the movie.  This exhibit transcends generations and makes everyone feel like a kid again.