Imagination StationScattered about the museum are our major attractions like the High Wire Cycle and the BOYO, as well as stand alone exhibits like those listed below.


High Wire Cycle

Defy gravity as you ride a bicycle 20 feet above the ground, suspended on a 11⁄2 inch cable with a 275 lb. counterweight. Don’t believe you can do it – you’ll amaze yourself. 54” height requirement


Imagination Station



The BOYO uses science similar to that of the classic yo-yo. The rider is propelled up to 13 feet in the air using his or her own strength and some basic science principles.
54” height requirement



Imagination Station


Simulator Theater

This 15-seat virtual roller coaster bounces you forward and backward, sideways and up and down as it sends you on a journey that’ll make your stomach flip and take your breath away.42” height requirement


Imagination Station


The Giant Lever

Located behind Visitor Service, is one of our new stand alone exhibits.  It pits 1 vs. 3 in a game of tug-of-war.  As one of 6 simple machines, the lever, it uses mechanical advantage to give the individual player a fighting chance. Even the littlest of visitors will walk away a champion.


LIVE Report!Imagination Station

LIVE Report! is a unique blend of science, sports and technology enabling visitors to be the sports broadcaster. Sponsored by Buckeye CableSystem. Have you ever wanted to be on TV? Wanted to be the commentator for your local favorite sports team? Now you can! We’ve created an experience that gives everyone the chance to be a Sports Broadcaster.

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Imagination Station



Imagination Station


The Laser Harp

Located on the Lower Atrium inside Mind Zone – uses laser technology to play one of music’s most beautiful and intricate instruments.  Pluck the laser strings or strum along and sound like a world-class musician.  You’ll impress yourself and your friends!


Imagination Station

The Ball Launcher

Located on the Lower Atrium in front of Science Studio – With the pull of a rope, and a little science of pressure, you can drop a bowling ball through a tube forcing a tennis ball to launch all the way up to the skylights.


Imagination Station

The Giant Piano

One of the classic exhibits at the science center is our Giant Piano located on the Lower Atrium.  Like the scene from the movie “Big”, kids (and adults) can jump aboard our giant piano and dance out Chopsticks like they did in the movie.  This exhibit transcends generations and makes everyone feel like a kid again.