Swinging Girl

Playing With Light

June IDEA Lab Activity

Playing with Light Tinkering

June 1 – 30 · FREE with Admission
Every day in June, explore the beauty of science as you play with light and shadows. This open-ended activity allows for unlimited discovery as you learn more about how different colors of light interact and the awe-inspiring result – a truly illuminating experience.

Dino Footprints

Special Dinosaur Activity

June 20 – 25 · FREE with Admission
Visit during this special week when dinosaurs takeover our tinkering activity! After you explore Dinosaurs Around the World, use light to create a scene that reflects one from millions of years ago. Add dinosaurs to complete your illuminated creation.

A new activity featured every month!

Inside the IDEA Lab there is a tinkering space, located at the front of the learning world, which features monthly activities that are open to the public and included with admission. You can stop by for a few minutes or a few hours to tinker around on a creation that’s all your own.