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Don't Be Left in the Dark ...

Join us for our three day weekend Solar Eclipse celebration

August 19 - 21

On August 21, day will turn into night as the United States is in the path of a total solar eclipse. This rare celestial event is cause for celebration, so visit Imagination Station to learn about this solar phenomenon and participate in fun hands-on activities that will get you ready for Monday's spectacular solar event.

  • Create your own solar eclipse viewer.
  • Explore STARLAB, our inflatable planetarium, and ask your most pressing astronomy questions.
  • Find out if an eclipse affects animal behavior.
  • Let our partners show you different instruments they use to study the sky.

Don't miss out on a large demonstration that will get you in on the action. You'll better understand what happens during a solar eclipse when placed in the center of the universe!

Don't miss the Solar Eclipse!

August 21, Noon - 3pm

Join Imagination Station as we welcome in the solar eclipse with special events scheduled inside the building and outside in neighboring Festival Park throughout the day. Take a break from all the fun at 2pm to put on your solar glasses and watch this rare solar event unfold outside as day turns to night! 

Check back in for event details! 

Want to view the eclipse? Safety first! 

Check out this Sun and Solar Eclipse Viewing Activity and find out how you can make your own device to view the partial eclipse safely! 

Meet our dinosaur mascot, Chance the Raptor

Chance the Raptor

Don't miss our dinosaur mascot! He will be roaming throughout the event to meet and take photos with guests.

Solar Eclipse Myths and Superstitions

Solar and lunar eclipses have inspired a plethora of myths and legends from all over the world and throughout time. Early humans and indigenous peoples crafted explanations of this awe-inspiring event that aligned with their own cultural beliefs and stories, but there are contemporary myths and superstitions that persist. Get the lowdown on some of these wild stories! 

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