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Heat coming off of a fire appears blurry because hot air is less dense than cold air and therefore has a different refractive index.
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Your Spring Break Destination

School is out for Spring Break and looking for something to do? Visit Imagination Station and turn Spring Break into a vacation! 

All of your favorite attractions like the Boyo, High Wire Cycle and the Distorted Gravity Room will be here along with featured experiences. Plan your visit today!

Spring Break Holiday Hours

Open 10am – 5pm:
Monday, March 27
Monday, April 3
Monday, April 10
Monday, April 17

Easter Sunday, April 16

Spring Break Events & Workshops

LEGO® Brick Architecture: Sky High ScienceLEGO-Architecture-web-icon


Over half a million LEGO bricks, weighing 2,700 pounds and would stretch 11 miles long – this may be our biggest temporary exhibition yet!

Take a trip around the world! Travel from San Francisco to Shanghai, Dubai to Chicago and admire 13 large-scale skyscrapers that make each skyline unique. After being inspired by the towering creations, dive deep into bins full of LEGO Bricks and build your own masterpiece.

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True: According to an article on WiseGeek.com, the wavy lines that appear above a hot grill or an asphalt road in the middle of the summer are caused by a phenomenon called refraction. Refraction is the bending of light waves, and it occurs when light passes between substances with different refractive indices — in this case, cool air and hot air.

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