Swinging Girl

Early Childhood Programs

Children are born scientists! They have an innate interest in the world around them. Imagination Station wants to develop this interest in our youngest visitors through special programs geared specifically for kids kindergarten age and younger.

Little Kidspace

An interactive space where our littlest visitors (5 & under) can explore.

Science Story Time Icon

Don’t miss our weekly activity in the Little KIDSPACE Science Studio.

Pre-School Workshop On Wheels Toddlers

Check out all of the events we have going on each week to better plan you visit.

Little Scientist WOrkshop Icon 2

Encourage families to investigate the world around them together.

Field Trip Icon

Field Trips are the best way to explore all that Imagination Station has to offer.


If you can't come to us, we will come to you through our Outreach Programs.

Temporary Exhibition

LEGO® Brick Architecture: Sky High ScienceLEGO-Architecture-web-icon


Over half a million LEGO bricks, weighing 2,700 pounds and would stretch 11 miles long – this may be our biggest temporary exhibition yet!

Take a trip around the world! Travel from San Francisco to Shanghai, Dubai to Chicago and admire 13 large-scale skyscrapers that make each skyline unique. After being inspired by the towering creations, dive deep into bins full of LEGO Bricks and build your own masterpiece.

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