• Super Soap Bubbles

    All you need is some Dawn detergent, water and a secret ingredient to create huge bubbles.


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    Every weekend in July - It’s off to the races! Design your own car, picking the materials that will make it the best.

    July - Design and build your own simple machine. Learn the basics of mechanics, including gear ratios, cams and followers

    Now - August 31 - The science center and the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities are hosting a free workshop series at the science center designed to get your child moving and having fun.

    Imagination Station and The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library have partnered to bring you science-related reading lists. Discover the books on these lists at your local library and visit the science center to explore the science behind the books.

    July 30 & July 31 - The most important rule…there are no rules! Don’t miss this two-day event at Imagination Station. We’re taking racing to a whole new level. Create a car to race down the hills and valleys of our 40 foot track.