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Learning Worlds

Imagination Station, Toledo’s Science Center, is dedicated to making science, technology, engineering and mathematics fun and accessible. We have hundreds of interactive, hands-on exhibits that are fun and educational for the entire family. Whether you only have an hour or you have all day, there is plenty to see and do at Imagination Station. Come join us and explore everything that Imagination Station has to offer!

Temporary Exhibitions


LEGO® Brick Architecture: Sky High ScienceLEGO-Architecture-web-icon


Over half a million LEGO bricks, weighing 2,700 pounds and would stretch 11 miles long – this may be our biggest temporary exhibition yet!

Take a trip around the world! Travel from San Francisco to Shanghai, Dubai to Chicago and admire 13 large-scale skyscrapers that make each skyline unique. After being inspired by the towering creations, dive deep into bins full of LEGO Bricks and build your own masterpiece.

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Permanent Learning Worlds

Eat It Up Watermelon Icon

Learn about how the nutritional and exercise choices you make affect your body.

Grow U

Celebrate agriculture and farming in this interactive space.

Mind Zone

Learn how your mind perceives the world by challenging it.

Energy Factory

Explore energy transfer, invisible and visible light, solar energy, magnitism and much much more. 

Idea Lab Icon

Think. Create. Innovate.
Step inside a world of science, art, engineering and design.

Gizmo on Bike

Scattered about the museum are our major attractions - check them out!

Extreme Science theater

Demonstrations about combustion, motion, sound, matter and the scientific method.


Little Kidspace

A space our littlest visitors can learn about forces, motion, math and life science.

Eat It Up Icon Boys and floating balls

This space explores one of nature’s most powerful resources: water.